To ensure that the Electronic Cigarette have a long life, and functions in the best way, must make do with small and short processes to be performed.
As with all electronic devices must be stored carefully, away from fine dust, from 'water and away from heat sources as well as children and animals.
Preferably use the correct case when you do not need to use and when being transported, to avoid the involuntary continuously jam the power button, which causes the fusion atomizer and then the operation of the device.

For the first charge, you have to give the "start" to the battery of Cigarette, therefore, a greater charge to make it fully functional and improved performance in terms of duration. The first time, in fact, it is necessary to charge the battery for 8 hours, then use the 20 minutes and then load another charge of 2 hours. Activated the battery recharge every night before going to sleep, but also in the day if you notice that the amount of water is substantially decreased.

We recommend cleaning at least once a week with a paper towel, the threaded connection of the battery and the atomizer to remove dust and excess fluid, allowing the perfect circle of electric battery and atomizer.

Another process to be taken whenever you feel it necessary or when you notice that the steam must clean it decreased atomizer. So unplug the battery and the cartridge and "release" from a possible presence of liquid, blowing forcefully inside, where the threaded portion is screwed to the battery, until the complete leakage.
If necessary rinse it under running water and dry it again to blow it.
Cigarettes new generation mentioned above, have a rather cartomizzatore (reservoir for the liquid), which consists of cartridge and atomizer in one piece.
To clean the cartomizzatore therefore, need to remove the carpet rubber top and immerse in boiling water for about half an hour. Then wipe the cartomizzatore slamming like a thermometer, keeping it on the side of the thread, placing it well to dry on a radiator or similar for 3 or 4 hours. After that the cartomizzatore will be ready for use again.