The electronic cigarette is an electronic device.
Was founded in 2004 by a Chinese engineer, Hon Link.
Marketed by several companies, which have contributed to the spread and testing of the product, to obtain fundamental improvements that have brought the Electronic Cigarettes to a degree of functionality and very high performance.

This electronic device comprises a rechargeable battery with an automatic or manual switch, which electrically activating the battery supplies power to 'atomizer that heats the liquid inside the "cartridge" or "tank" called "tank" thus creating a vaporization.

BLAST: root element is the Electronic Cigarette is an electronic component has a resistance, which is used to vaporize the liquid contained in the cartridge.
Of various types, the atomizer can make more or less intense, the aroma of the liquid, and the properties of steam produced.

BATTERY: in terms of magnitude, it gives the type of cigarette and its performance.
It has different sizes and voltages.
Those low voltage defined:
"Mini Ecig" have a size of a normal cigarette, but with very low performance.
The "Ego Ecig" as Ego, Riva etc.. Have a magnitude greater than the mini and consequently the most amount of steam produced.
The "Mod Ecig" is completely removable appliances with the possibility of being able to interchange the batteries, with availability in certain models, to insert different types and vary the voltage to obtain high performance, but moving away from emulation of the traditional cigarette, in fact size and weight.

Many models feature the top, a red LED that simulates the lighting of the traditional cigarette and other blue, to avoid public places, is mistaken for a normal cigarette and raise any complaints from non-smokers.
The battery determines the amount of steam produced, which is directly proportional to the voltage of the battery.

E-LIQUID: is the solution in the cartridges, which should be comply with strict standards and very strict in terms of safety, quality 'ingredients and their certifications like for example succeded in Europe and America.
For this reason we recommend for your health not to buy liquids of dubious origin.
The liquid contains Propylene Glycol, Glycerol Plant, water and seasonings.
The glycol and glycerol are both used for pharmaceutical purposes for oral use, "injection", topical, cosmetic dermatology as well as in the 'food industry and are considered non-toxic.

The E-Liquid 'version is available with or without nicotine.
For the flavors, there is a wide range of aromas, flavors that mimic those of tobacco, caramel flavors, fruit and so on.
The formulation of the liquid and the various percentages of the parties, determines the intensity, density and flavor of the steam produced.