Hello, just joined the VF after browsing for quite a while. I’m quite new to vaping, and experience flooding almost every time I refill, add a new coil, or even clean my vape. I own the SMOK stick V8, and just recently purchased the Vaporesso Swag (tank is the 3.5ml one). I did so because I kept thinking the issue was the V8, I was wrong.

I have learned a few tricks to clear the flooding, but it doesn’t seem to work with the Vaporesso unit. I am very disappointed as this was an upgrade. The V8 was a beaut, but the only thing I could control was the airflow - now I can control everything. I haven’t even begun to experiment as I still have this issue. I have taken it to my local shop and the guy there has fixed it three times in the last 10 days, given me tips, I even did my refill, clean, and new coil install in front of him. He said I did all of it perfect, but still....flooding.

I do not mean normal ‘it’s gonna happen’ flodding. I mean, I’ve lost at least 120ml of total e juice from leaks, taking tank apart even though tank was half full (to fix issue).

Can anybody help me with this? Watts are where they should be. I’m even using the new CCELL ceramic coil which is supposed to be phenomenal.

Any advice at all would help, I’m at the point of just selling this shit and going back to the regular amount of smokes per day. I still smoke, the vaping has just cut the smoking down by more than 50%.

Again, please any tips, tricks, advice is appreciated.

Thank you,