Hi there,

I have the smok alien 220w TC mod and I use the Pangu head on it. I was using the ni200 coils and didn't have much problem but now I am using the SS coil and once every now and then I am getting a bad taste. I'm using the RKOI coil spill juice so it's good quality juice. I have tried using it on TC mode and I still get a bad taste once every now and then. I still use a low wattage (generally 25ish). I don't chain vape and I have all the settings correct to match the coil. I always keep the tank topped up with juice as well. Once every now and then it just tastes awful. Everytime I refill, it tastes lovely. I always keep a lot of juice in it but even when it is about 4/5 full it tastes of burning sometimes, I can't seem to figure out why. The new ss coil was only put in a few days ago. It seems as if it is not absorbing the juice properly after I take the first few pulls from when I fill it up. Any help please? I have checked out many tips and have tried them all. If I drop a tiny bit of juice down the mouth piece it helps but only for a few drags.