Hi. I have been looking on google and bing and have not found the information I needed to choose a vaporizer. I use legal herbs to help me let go of work stress, and me being a grocery cashier during the holidays, you know I know what I'm talking about when stress is involved. Ugh.

I have a fire driven vaporizer that I use behind my closed bedroom door because it looks like a weird pipe, and where I live the people are very conservative and ignorant of not everything that looks weird means that there are hard drugs inside. I could never even imagine getting into those. They are death by terror. The reason why I can't just use the one I have when I need it is for that reason. Somehow, no matter how weird your portable vape looks, everyone assumes that you're replacing cigs and they don't bat an eye.

Either way, my favorite herb to use for general relaxation, stress relief, or the occasional anxiety buster is lavender, as you can see in my name and picture. I's pretty obvious. Problem is, a lot of vaporizers within my budget range are stuck doing high temperatures and my herbs would burn at those temps. I use a few other herbs aside from lavender and after research, all of them are in the 130C/266F temp requirement.

I'm also trying to put as much money away as I can from my part time job so I would really like recommendations for a portable vaporizer that isn't going to put a lot of ouch in my bank. Of course, I'm not looking for some dirt cheap piece of crap that basically melts as you use it, but I don't need something in the range of The Crafty, for sure. I'm hoping to spend no more than $120 ish, with a little wiggle room. $50ish would be outstanding though. I do know that at that price point I'm likely going to end up with crap.

Any additional information you might need is this: I have small hands. It makes me good at making small things, or using small tools, but I definitely would not be able to securely hold the Mighty in one hand at all, and constantly fumbling isn't something I want to deal with. Size isn't too much of a requirement, but from the sizes I've seen from search engines, a lot just won't fit in my hand. Just something to consider if everything else meets.

Also something to consider, the outdoors and I have a longstanding "relationship" which I don't intend to break off anytime soon. I'm not looking for a lot here, I just don't want it to fail on me because I took it out in humid weather, or that the sun shone on it a bit too long. I'm not going whitewater rafting or surviving for a week in the jungle, I just want it to be cool with a hiking trip or a bajillion. I may camp with it, but I'm smart enough to put it in a waterproof bag should it rain. I'm not worried about temperature because if I have it very likely it will be on my person, likely in the innermost pocket that's still accessible. And that's it, that's all I'm looking for. Mainly that budget friendly low temperature ability. I'll make due without other stuff as long as it won't burn my material. I'm not even looking for clouds.

And thank you, everyone, even if you just read the post and don't comment because you reading the post puts it higher on the chart and maybe will help someone find it who can truly guide me into the right piece of equipment. And those of you who do comment, thank you as well, as I will use every suggestion with reporting back, and answer any other question you have. Since this is my first vaporizer I don't know what to look for, and I don't know what to look OUT for. Other than plastic inside, which is inherently dumb. Thank you thank you thank you!