Hi guys!
I'm looking for a good vaporizer, I've searched around the internet but I've only find different sites that try to argue about the question. The point is very simple, I'm looking for a vaporizer that lasts (10/15 draws per .3 or something like that) and that guarantee a cloudy and tasty experience.
I don't care about the design, I don't care about the kind (conduction/convection), and I don't care about battery duration.
I've seen the Da Buddha (not portable as you know) and Boundless CF, both appears very good, but I can't read the main informations.
I need your help cause I need direct experience, I prefer to spend much money rather than "experience my own skin". I think much sites argue about some brands only for advertising, so thanks for sharing your experiences.
Wich is better, in those terms, between Da Buddha, Boundless CF, PAX2 and Airvape XS?
(Reading I've noticed that PAX2 lasts less puffs, what do you think?)