I'm new to this forum and thought I'd share my experiences with CBD eliquid's. I suffer with severe chronic pain for which I am prescribed morphine from my GP however this has serious side effects & is very addictive, I used to smoke skunk as a way of relieving the pain but found that being stoned just left me unable to do anything & also the legal aspect left me open to arrest. I read online about CBD oils and thought I'd give it a go, a local 'head' shop sold some at 300mg strength which was around 40 for 15ml, I bought some & found it to be really helpful & eased the pain but at the price it was more expensive than buying skunk & didn't last long, I went online & found & tried a few other brands that were hit & miss but also very expensive, by chance I came across a site through Twitter called cbdmods and they were offering an extra strength 6000mg liquid at a special sale price of a tenner, I was pretty dubious at first but thought I'd take a punt, at that price it wasn't much to lose so i ordered some, it arrived a couple of days later and I put a few drops in my vape box mixed with my usual nicotine liquid & took a few hits,after a few moments I felt the effects of the CBD, I instantly felt relaxed & the pain started to ease, I had a few more hits & it did a lot more for the pain than the morphine has ever done for me, since then I've regularly ordered more liquids & have managed to cut down on my morphine intake which I never thought I'd do, I also found I sleep better now, I'm still waking up with the pain but can get back to sleep no problem after a few good hits of CBD, I think the ten quid deal runs out on Saturday 28th Jan & it goes up to full price of about 30 but even at that price it's more than worth it & ive spent more than my fair share on various types of CBD liquid from different companies, the site is cbdmods.co.uk they're well worth it.