Greetings. I'm new to the forum and I have a question. I'm in the process of researching for my first CBD vaping purchase. It's my understanding from my research that CBD is good for anxiety, amongst other things.

I've found two products, that after reading reviews, I'm considering giving a try. There's the Entourage Hemp Colorado Kush with 50MG of CBD and it's guaranteed to be ... free. It's listed as Max VG, no nicotine, alcohol, PEG, Diacetyl, AP, BHT, BHA, Artificial Colors, or Artificial Flavors. 50MG sounds like a low dosage from what I've read, but I am just starting out. What the company does put out as far as information, does make me feel comfortable about their products, and the reviews are great, but I'm open to anyone's comments who have tried the products.

Second one I'm considering is the Blue Moon Hemp Blackkat CBD Vape. It's plant only vegetable glycerin and Bio Based (Non-GMO Corn) Propylene Glycol (70/30), 60+ Cannabinoids and 400+ Phytonutrients, and comes in 100MG, 200MG, 300MG, and 400MG. Where does one begin, LOL.

Finally, the device. I was thinking about using this product which is a Empty Cartridge 05ML with 510 thread glass and metal construction, low resistance: 1.8 ohms, compatible with all ego and 510 thread batteries, rubber bottom protector, plastic holding tube, wickless/ceramic rod, 1.1mm holes.

My fellow forum members, this is all new to me. Even when I search I don't really know what I'm reading. I hope my message finds everyone well and I hope your having a great week or weekend.